Agile Consulting and Agile Coaching

Agile Consulting and Agile Coaching

Consulting or coaching?

Consultant or coach?

I'm never sure where one ends and the other begins so I tend to say "Agile Advice." Perhaps its because I actually dislike the term "consultant" that I'm reluctant to embrace it even if that is what I do!

My experience has taught me that Agile training with follow-up Agile Coaching is the best way to ensure the ideas learned on a training course are implemented. Agile Coaching involves a number of visits to the team following training to help them implement the ideas from the course. (Thats why most of my courses come with a free follow up day.)

I also know from experience that many teams simply want advice on what to do, thats when I work as an Agile Consultant. I also know that really getting the most from Agile means changing more than just the immediate development team so I'm often asked to give advice here too, thats Agile Consulting again.

There are some set piece things I might do as a Coach or Consultant: help with planning meeting, help prepare the backlog before planning, run retrospectives and so on. But I also know that its mostly about just talking. It can be hard to define what a coach or consultant does so to many of my clients I'm simple "Agile Allan".

Sometimes clients engage me for intensive periods: I might be embeded with teams several days a week for a number of week. Mostly though I tend to practice "light touch consulting" where I drop in a few days a month. How many days depends on how big the team is and how many teams there are. It can be as little as one day every other month or as much as three days a week.

If you think you'd like some help please get in touch, and we'll talk out what works best for you.


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