Business Patterns for Software Developers

Business Patterns for Software Developers

Business Patterns for Software Developers

Reviewers say:

”Wow, the
best reference set I have seen for people working on business issues” Mark P. McDonald review on

Essential reading for anyone new to the world of business software design!” Reuben Gathright review on

Best software creation and marketing book I've ever read!” Chen Sun review on

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More excepts from reviewers:
  • “Highly recommended for the potential millionaire entrepreneur that lurks within every highly functional geek!” B. K. Wernham on
  • “Beginners will learn about their industry, veterans will recognise their industry… Today, more than ever is expected of developers: design and implement systems quickly; make systems easy to change; make systems of high quality; understand the domain better than the domain experts; understand the business context.” Ed Sykes on
  • “This is definitely no dry patterns book, but rather a succesful fusion of business strategy with the ecosystems of software development. It was a risk that Allan took as few books are pitched with this kind of perspective, but the author has produced a well-written publication based on sound experience in the software industry. Unlike many pattern books, one could actually read this book cover-to-cover.” Schalk Cronje on


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