Agile & OKRs: Coaching & training

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Do you want… to be more responsive to customers? – more flexible in operations while enhancing predictability?

Do you want… happier workers? – a workforce that take the initiative and deliver visible benefits?

Do you want… alignment between strategic goals and day-to-day operations? – to see a straight line between strategy and delivery?

Agile and OKRs can help with these goals and more.

Whether you are at the start of your journey or hitting the road bumps that come experience I’m here to help. Over the years I have helped dozens of companies adopt new ways of working and realise the benefits from agile working.

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Combining OKRs and agile

Is your team wrestling with OKR adoption? Are your teams running in different directions and failing to pull together? Do you want a planning technique that looks more than two weeks into the future?

Book cover: Succeeding with OKRs in Agile

Adding OKRs to agile promised to provide longer range visibility and direction rather than living sprint-to-sprint.

Wrapping agile processes inside OKRs and an OKR delivery cycle promises greater focus and ambition within teams, and greater co-ordination across teams.

Yet OKRs are not easy: OKRs need to both offer benefits and be measurable. Setting, and then delivering against, OKRs is a new set of skills for teams to learn.

This coaching programme supports teams both in initial adoption of OKRs and delivery over the 13 week cycle.

Agile adoption and transformation

Starting your journey into agile? Or maybe you have done transformation and you are not getting the expected benefits?

For companies at the start of their agile journey. The adopting programme will guide teams and executives through agile processes and ways of working using a mixture of learning workshops, team coaching and individual one-to-one sessions.

Agile Team improvement

Need to meet schedule deadlines? Want to improve team effectiveness?

For challenged teams, ambitious teams and teams which have specific goals to achieve, e.g. establish predictable schedules, improving customer satisfaction or supporting company growth. This coaching programme focuses on team performance and effectiveness.

Regular agile ceremonies (e.g. planning and retrospectives) are supplemented with team and individual coaching sessions; additional workshop tutorials are provided where appropriate.

Agile Product Owner

Product Owner or Super hero?

Do your product owners struggle with prioritisation?

Do your product owners struggle to forecast beyond the current sprint?

There is more to being a product owner than changing a job title. Product Owner certification training is a start but there is a lot more to the role.

With responsibility for work prioritisation the Product Owner is the most important role on any agile team.

This product owner coaching programme aims to equip product owners with the skills and tools to become outstanding. Topics covered include:

  • Working within an agile team: ceremonies, story writing, backlog management, acceptance criteria and much more.
  • Understanding stakeholders and customers, e.g. using analytics, interviewing customers, identifying stakeholders.
  • Advance “lean start up” type techniques, e.g. hypothesis driven development and experimentation with minimal viable products.

Outcome oriented custom programmes

Each team and organization is different. The above programmes can be customised to your needs, your priorities, your desired outcome.

Wherever possible we like to take a structured approach. Identifying desired outcomes and working towards systematically working towards those outcomes with periodic reviews.

Training workshops

New: User Stories by Example, online self-paced tutorial, use code “website15” for 15% discount.

Coming soon: OKRs 101 – for teams new to objectives and key results

Agile Software Development for Teams: 2-day interactive workshop which rehearses teams to begin agile working and refreshes existing teams.

Strategic Product Owner: 2-day hands-on workshop designed to help product owners thing about the bigger picture, hte long run, the ultimate aim, … the strategy.

Requirements, Backlogs and User Stories – 1-day interactive workshop download short synopsis

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