Allan’s new Law of Social Networks

“The more social networks one joins the less one interacts with any one social network”

Just saying.

Please don’t create another social network. If you need a social network please piggy back on an existing one: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, ….

If you think you need a social network – perhaps to challenge one of the existing ones? – remember Google Plus.

And make sure you know why you will succeed where Google failed.

Almost certainly you have less resources than Google.
Almost certainly you have a smaller existing user base then Google.
Almost certainly Google will see you as a competitor (as will Facebook, and LinkedIn/Microsoft, Instagram…)

So unless you are in fact the Google evil-empire don’t even think about it. And if you are Google remember you already failed, twice – remember Orkut?

Only a company as rich as Google can maintain the pretence that Google Plus was not an abject failure.

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