New online tutorial: User Stories

This blog and my email updates have been quiet lately because I’ve been working on some online tutorial (in addition to working with clients!).

These tutorials differ from my earlier work in that they are autonomous, self-paced, async – I’m not there! – truly online.

Just my voice, my slides, my exercises and my wisdom.

At the moment there are two tutorial, “User Stories by Example” part 1 – an introduction and part 2 which looks specifically at acceptance criteria. Both use actual user stories I’ve collected over the years and both are derived from the online interactive workshops I ran during lockdown last year. Those workshops were themselves based on a physical workshop I’ve been running for several years, which in turn is based on my Little Book of Requirements and User Stories book.

I have plans for more tutorials covering user story refactoring stories (i.e. improving existing stories), story lifecycle and workflow, splitting stories and appreciating value. First I’ll wait for more feedback on these first two.

I’ve set introductory pricing at $59 and $49 (USD) but I expect those prices to rise as I add more modules. Part includes both the e-book and audio book version of Little Book.

Blog readers can get another 20% off with the coupon code “blogdiscount” until the end of July.

I’d love to get your feedback on these course so if you try one please complete the survey at the end and e-mail me if you have other comments. And if these courses are not for you, well, please e-mail me anyway and tell me what you would like to see me produce next.

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