Mini OKR workshops in February

I’m running two online mini OKR workshops next month:

Monday 20 Feb: Introducing OKRs with Agile

Monday 27 Feb: Writing OKRs

Both sessions start at 2pm GMT so work well for Europe and a sizable chunk of North America.

In reverse order: Writing OKRs on February 27th is a repeat of my sell-out mini-workshop before Christmas. This workshop expands by 30 minutes to 2.5 hours to give more time for feedback and discussion. This was a tough decision. I’m reasoning that the short format is attractive to many people so want to keep things snappy.

Last time, several participants asked for more introductory material to cover OKRs and using OKRs to enhance Agile. Since I want to keep Writing OKRs short I’ve created Introducing OKRs with Agile. This is both an introduction to OKRs and describes OKRs can be integrated with Agile working.

You can buy the workshops individually. Alternatively to attend both book Writing OKRs and at checkout you will be offered a discounted ticket for Introduction to OKRs with Agile.

Blog readers can get 20% off ticket prices with the code Blog20. There are three limited tranches of tickets at different prices: standard, early-bird and very-early bird.

If last time is any guide the workshops will sell out. If you are too late please join the wait list and I’ll make sure you get first chance next time. (Not sure when next time is, maybe April, maybe sooner if there are people on the waitlist.) Similarly, if the timing doesn’t work for you please let me know what would and I’ll see what I can do.

Finally, if you want a whole team to come please drop me a line. I can give these workshops privately online or in-person.

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