Pull, don’t push: Why you should let your teams set their own OKRs

There is a divide in the way OKRs are practised. A big divide, a divide between the way some of the original authors describe OKRs and the way successful agile teams implement them. If you haven’t spotted it yet it might explain some of your problems, if you have spotted it you might be feeling guilty. …

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Posting on Medium is an experiment – let me know what you think – comment here or there.

Why Medium? – Well, three reasons really. Their marketing tells me it is a good way to reach new readers. Second, I know many readers of this blog don’t do OKRs and I still have more to say on OKRs so I thought another platform might be appropriate. And third, this blog is attracting a lot of spam comments at the moment – all cryptocurrencies – and I’m fed up with it.

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