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User Stories by Example back online

Better user stories

My popular User Stories by Example online courses have been absent for a couple of months while I moved platform. I’m pleased to say these are back online on a new platform. The code Blog2022 will give you a 25% discount on the courses.

Also included here is a package deal of the e-book and audio book of Little Book of Requirements and User Stories both of which are DRM free.

Splitting & slicing user stories

I’m please to announce the fourth part of my User Stories tutorial is now available.

User Stories by example, part 4: Splitting stories

In this tutorial I look at 10 days to split a story and illustrate each with examples and exercises.

I have one more part of this tutorial series to deliver, Workflow and Lifecycle, hopefully I’ll have that out in the next month.

Until then please try the tutorial and let me know what you think.

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