Strategy for Product Owners

Strategic Product Owner

Strategic Product Owner: a 2-day workshop for Product Owners, Managers and Analysts dealing with the strategic issues of product ownership.

Being a Product Owner – or a Business Analyst, or a Product Manager, or any type of requirements engineer or manager for that matter – should involve more than just being a backlog administrator. Product Owners must think strategically: about their product and their vision, about the future and where the product is going.

This proven workshop discusses the strategic aspects of product ownership, the strategic role of product owner and tools for undertaking the role. The workshop introduces the Strategic Product Owner / Tactical Product Owner model and how work can be divided between the two roles.

Who the Strategic Product Owner workshop for?

Those who are, or will soon be, filling the Product Owner role; in particular Business Analysts, Product Managers, Requirements Engineers and related roles.

Managers tasked with overseeing the requirements process and identifying customer needs.

Anyone who needs to work closely with Product Owners in an Agile setting, e.g. Architects, Project Managers and Senior Developers.

Learning objects for Strategic Product Owner

  • Appreciate the strategic aspects of product ownership above and beyond backlog administration.

  • Understand strategic tools of product ownership and be able to use tools appropriately. Attendees will be able to write a product vision statement and estimate story value at the end of this course.

  • Know the Strategic / Tactical Product Owner model, the responsibilities of each role and how the model can be applied in your organization.


  • The Product Owner role and typical holders: product managers, business analysts and others.

  • The Strategic/Tactical Product Owner model, how it can be used in scaling Agile work and larger organizations.

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Strategic Product Owner and Tactical Product Owner.

  • Tools of Strategic Product Ownership (“How do you know what should be in the backlog? And what should the priority?”), e.g. Product Vision statements and formulation, Estimating value with value poker, Cost of delay, Capacity planning and more

Other topics:


This course complements Requirements, Backlogs and User Stories one-day workshop. Together these workshops provide a deep, rounded, view of product ownership and management.

Also available is a one-day strategy primer which introduces the concept of strategic thinking and the strategic/tactical divide. The primer places strategy in context and introduces several models including SWOT analysis, Porter’s 5-forces, Emergent Strategy, and the role of Learning.

Additionally a one-day Introduction to Agile is available to supplement this course for those new to Agile working.

Significant discounts are offered when either – or both – of these one-day workshops are booked to run with the Strategic Product Owner workshop.


All attendees receive:

  • Printed and electronic copies of the course slides.

  • Allan Kelly’s “Little Book of User Stories” (electronic).
    Materials for exercises are included in the course price.

A free follow-up consulting day is offered when this course is booked direct. This day may taken anytime within three months.

Designer and instructor

This course is designed and normally delivered by Allan Kelly, BSc, MBA. He is the authors of three related books: Changing Software Development, Business Patterns for Software Developers and Xanpan.

Allan has been called a “Thought leader” in Agile although he prefers a more modest description. He has over 30 years experience in developing software, mostly in an Agile way, has been delivering Agile training for eight years and has consulted with companies such as Virgin Atlantic, Reed Elsevier and Reuters.

In addition he is the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets and a regular conference speaker and journal contributor.


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