Combining Agile and OKRs

Book cover: Succeeding with OKRs in Agile

A structured support programme for teams and organisation seeking to use OKRs in an agile environment. Based on the best selling book, Succeeding with OKRs in Agile.

Stage 1: OKR workshop

Introducing OKRs in an agile environment: this workshop is the ideal start for teams adopting OKR. The workshop describes what OKRs are and how they are used by agile teams.

Audience: development teams intending to use OKRs and key stakeholders who will be feeding into OKR setting.

1-day on site or 2-half day online sessions


  • Introduction to OKRs
  • Outcomes over outputs
  • Qualification: making OKRs measurable
  • Reconciling OKRs with the Scrum backlog
  • Quarterly OKR cycle
  • Integrating OKRs with agile: sprints and the OKR cycle, OKRs and backlogs, OKRs and team autonomy
  • Product Owner (or similar) role in setting OKRs
  • Limiting OKRs for focus
  • Balancing ambition and predictability
  • OKRs and “BAU” / “keeping the lights on” / SLA

Topics are explained through a mix of lecture, exercises and discussion.

Stage 2: Follow up coaching

A series of team and individual coaching sessions to aid teams effective adoption of OKRs within an agile environments.

First, prior to the initial OKR setting one-on-one or small group sessions are held with: Scrum Masters, Project Managers, Product Owners/Managers and other team leaders.

Next, facilitation is provided for teams through the initial OKR setting sessions and first sprint planning meeting (or Kanban equivalent, e.g. replenishment).

During the OKR execution quarter additional coaching sessions will be held with key roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc.) and as required around sprint planning.

At the end of the quarter review and retrospective sessions, plus individuals sessions, will embed learning and promote improvement.

In subsequent OKR cycles appropriate coaching support is provided as required.

Hitting the target

Executive briefing

An additional executive briefing is available to cover introductory topics plus:

  • Leader’s role in OKRs
  • Team structure for delivering OKRs
  • Product Oner and equivalents in OKRs
  • Target success rates and problems with hard targets.

Start today

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