Recent presentations (2015-today)

Objective Driven Agility

Objective Driven Agility: Looking to the future, ACE Conference, Krakow, June 2024

Adding OKRs to Agile: ODA (short version), Unicom showcase, May 2024

Honey, I shrunk the backlog

Allan Kelly explaining

Untangling Estimates, Goals and Plans

Engineering Leadership meetup, October 2023

Combining OKRs and Agile

Global Enterprise Agile meetup, February 2023

It’s Always Time for Tea

Opening Keynote at Oredev Malmo, November 2022 – YouTube recording

Agile Bath & Bristol, October 2022 (early version)

Moving Beyond Backlog Driven Development

Online Q&A discussion with Adrian Reed of Blackmetric

Reawakening Agile with OKRs

See also my Reawakening Agile with OKRs piece in InfoQ, June 2021

  • OKR Focus Day, December 2022 – recording on YouTube
  • Oredev, November 2022 – recording on YouTube
  • iLean webinar, January 2022
  • BCS Edinburgh, October 2021
  • Agile on the Beach conference, Falmouth, September 2021 – YouTube recording (live)
  • Future of Work Scotland, online June 2021 – YouTube recording
  • Craft Conference, Budapest/virtual, June 2021 – video recording on YouTube
  • Cambridge Agile Exchange, May 2021
  • BCS Business Change Management SIG, May 2021
  • SAFe Sydney, May 2021
  • Agile Newbury, April 2021
  • Digital Transformation London with Lean-Agile Coaching – recording on YouTube, March 2021

OKRs in 26 minutes

Digital Leaders conference, June 2022 (YouTube)

5 Tips for combining OKRs with Agile

ThinkLithe webinar, December 2021 – recording and slides

Lessons for Product Owners

Agile Brigade, Toronto, March 2022 (original title: A Little Advice for Product Ownwers)

Xanpan 2021

Frug’Agile, November 2021 – YouTube recording

Mission Impossible: The Product Owner

Agile and the BA, Product Manager and Product

  • BA & Beyond conference, March 2021

Radical Agile, Mild Agile and the Future

Cotinuous Culture

  • Agile Leicester meet-up, October 2020: Creating a culture for Continuous Delivery andContinuous Value

Continuous Money

Business case for Agile in 2020

Evolution: from #NoProjects to Continuous Digital (2020 edition)

Continue with the books Continuous Digital and Project Myopia.

Common Product Owner Mistakes

Everything think you ever wanted to know about the Product Owner but were afraid to ask

A conversation with Adrian Reed of Black Metric with audience questions on YouTube

How to value a story

Evolution: from #NoProjects to Continuous Digital

  • Software Design & Development, London, May, 2019
  • NorDevCon, Norwich, February 2019
  • Agile Tour Brussels, October 2018
  • Brewing Agile, Gothenburg, October 2018 – recording on YouTube

Continue with the books Continuous Digital and Project Myopia.

Why do Devs hate Agile?

And what to do about it – also known as “Taking Back Agile

London Java Community meet-up, November 2018

Agile, Digital & the new management paradigms

Agile on the Beach conference, Falmouth, UK, July 2018 – video on YouTube.

Agile Contracts 2018

Business Agility Institute webinar

May 2018

Software Development is Upside Down

Digital Business means Agile Business

  • Agile Methods & Digital Transformation, Unicom, London, May 2018


The solution defines the problem

  • Keynote: TopConf, Tallinn Estonia, November 2017

Rules of Thumb for User Stories

Evolving Projects for the Digital Age

  • Agile Bath & Bristol, September 2017
  • Unicom Evolving Projects & Programme Management conference, September 2017
  • Unicom Agile Expo, October 2017

Planning for Value: How much? When?

  • TopConf, November 2017, Tallinn Estonia
  • Agile on the Beach conference, July 2017, Falmouth UK
  • TopConf, March 2017, Linz Austria
  • Norwich Developer Conference, February 2017, Norwich, UK
  • Lean Kanban France, November 2016, Paris
  • Keynote PAM Summit, June 2016, Krakow Poland
  • Agile Yorkshire, June 2016
  • “Value over projects”, Agile Europe 2016, May 2016, Gdansk Poland
  • “Planning for Value”, Goto Nights London, February 2016

Creating a Culture of Delivery & Continuous Value

  • Unicom DevOps & Microservices Summit, April 2017, London UK
  • Unicom DevOps Expo, October 2017

Beyond Projects/#NoProjects

  • TopConf, March 2017, Linz Austria
  • Oredev, November 2016, Malmo Sweden
  • Managing without Projects: #NoProjects and change management (PDF), BCS Business Change SIG, February 2016, London
  • Keynote: “#NoProjects – The End of Projects and what happens next”, Tempere Goes Agile, October 2015, Tempere, Finland
  • Agile Cambridge, October 2015
  • Goto Conference London, September 2015
  • “Teams Over Projects”, Agile on the Beach conference, September 2015, Falmouth, UK
  • Lean Kanban UK Conference, November 2014, London
  • Agile Tour London, October 2014
  • Lean Agile Scotland, October 2014
  • Skills Matter “In the Brain”, March 2014

Xanpan: an XP-Kanban hybrid

  • Ordev, November 2016, Malmo Sweden
  • Mix IT, April 2016, Lyon France
  • DevWeek, April 2012, London: Extended version (Slideshare)
  • DevConFu, November 2013, Riga Latvia
  • Agile Tour London, November 2013
  • Agile Cambridge, September 2013
  • Xanpan Video: Agile Cambridge presentation from InfoQ
  • Lean Kanban London, March 2013

Beyond Projects to Value

DevWeek, April 2016, London UK

Agile for Startups

  • TechCitizen, November 2017, London
  • TechCity Coffee, March 2017, London
  • TechCity Coffee, February 2016, London

Requirements, whose job are they anyway?

2019 Edition:

  • Software Design & Development, London, May 2019

Original version:

  • Learning Connexions Meetup, February 2016, London
  • Target Process London Meetup group, December 2013
  • DevConFu, November 2013, Riga Latvia
  • Agile Cambridge, September 2012
  • Skills Matter “In the brain”, April 2013, London

Sofwtare Development has DISeconomies of scale (Lightning talk)

PDF Version

Agile in the City, November 2015, London

Software Process Improvement: what do I know?

  • BCS SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network), October 2015, London

Every company a software company

  • Norwich Developer Conference, February 2015

What is Agile?

  • Norwich Developer Conference, February 2015

Earlier presentations (2002-2014)