Books to be Written

“When I first started self-publishing my own books in 2014, Allan was a great source of knowledge to me. I’ve badgered him for years to write this book and I’m glad it’s happened!”

Steve Smith, author of Measuring Continuous Delivery

Thinking of writing a book? Debating between self-publishing and finding a publisher? Wondering how to market your book?

Books to be Written describes expereinces from writing, publishing and marketing eight books.

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Books to be Written

“It’s amazing, I’m writing a book myself (my first) and this is timed perfectly for me. So much great advice in there and your honesty is refreshing.”

Sean Luke

Infographic (c) Noel Warnell – thanks!

“Books to be Written is a straight-forward, and easy to digest roadmap and one I am sure I will revisit as my story progresses, both to refresh my memory, but to also test my hypotheses to ensure I am on track. The genius of this book is that you will likely continue to re-read it as you move through your story process.”

Gilbert B. Hammer

Writing and self-publishing has never been easier – digital has revolutionised how we write, publish and sell books. Digital tools mean you can start selling you book long before you have finished. But digital also means there is more work for authors and much more competition.

Working with a publisher can reduce your work load but also imposes constraints and might not make you the most money. And whether you work with a publisher or self-publish you still have the hardest challenge: marketing your work, getting your message to the world.

In this book Allan Kelly shares his experiences as an author and describes his formula for creating and publishing non-fiction books. He describes:

  • How digital has changed the writing, economics and marketing of books
  • How to go about writing your book and simultaneously publishing early and often
  • Why you might choose to self-publish and what to look for in choosing a publisher
  • Using LeanPub, Amazon, and other platforms to bring your work to market
  • Marketing you book with social media, speaking events, reviews and discounts

As well as copyright, digital-rights-management, distribution costs, pricing, other revenue streams, tax, and getting help when you need it.

Allan has plenty of stories to share. He has written more than eight non-fiction books – three with publishers, five self-published. In addition he has had books translated, edited ninth and contributed chapters to seven more. All the more impressive given he was diagnosed as dyslexic at the age of eight.

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