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The Only Two Questions You and Your Business Need to Ask: Rebel diaries with Scott Fulton (April 2022)

Agile and OKRs: publishing your API in a standardized format – Dreams with Deadlines from GTMHub with Jenny Herald (January 2022)

Exploring The BA Role In Agile Discovery with Angela Wick, Allan Kelly, Angie Doyle & Howard Podeswa – discussion with Adrian Reed of Blackmetric (November 2021)

Agile Uprising podcast Succeeding with OKRs, July 2021

InfoQ podcast with Shane Hastie: OKRs, Miimally Viable Teams, Continuous Digital and #NoProjects (recorded March 2020)

How to delegate remotely (part 1) and – How to Inspire Dramatic Change (part 2) on the Align Remotely podcast with Luke Szyrmer, January 2021.

Conversation with Ian Gill of Agility by Nature, January 2021

The Agile Guide role with Woody Zuill – from Tom Cagley’s SpamCast series – August 2020

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