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Connecting Product Strategy with Delivery through Agile Techniques and OKRs

I help teams and companies become more effective and productive. I use modern management techniques like agile, OKRs and product thinking pioneered in by tech companies.

I help teams connect product strategy with delivery using agile techniques and Agile OKRs. I provide advice, coaching, and training to accelerate delivery, meet goals, and enhance team effectiveness.




About me

Once upon a time I was a programmer, people I worked with thought I was quite a good one. I was part of a team building a hand-held PC, which was a big deal in 1991. I worked on electricity modelling, I wrote programs for railway timetables, software for banks and real-time data feeds for Reuters. I built secure e-mail systems and mobile phone network diagnostic tools.

How I Can Help

I empower companies to enhance team efficiency and bridge the gap between product strategy and delivery. Specialising in agile techniques and Agile OKRs, my offerings include:

Speaking Engagements

Keynote addresses on agile transformation and the digital world

Books and Publications

In-depth explorations of agile methodologies and digital innovation

Coaching and Training

Guidance for managers and teams to implement agile approaches and OKRs

Dialogue Sheets

Dialogue sheets are a great self-organizing way for a team to hold a retrospective – no Scrum Master, Coach or facilitator required.

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Software Strategy Ltd.

I undertake my work through Software Strategy Ltd., a company I founded in 2007. We believe in using agility to make the workplace more sustainable and fulfilling, and thus help your businesses achieve more.