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I help companies and teams become more effective and connect product strategy with delivery. This often involves agile tecniques, and increasingly Agile OKRs.

I give keynote conference addresses and write books about our digital world and the process change called agile that accompanies digital tools. Read more about my books.

I provide advice, coaching, mentoring and training to managers and teams in how to use agile approaches and OKRs to accelerate delivery, meet deadlines, and execute against strategy. These approaches benefit businesses and create more fulfilling work environments for people.


List of upcoming speaking events and past presentations – slides and recordings.

Includes: inviting me to speak at your event and podcast interviews.

Sprint Retrospective sheet

Dialogue Sheets

Looking for Retrospective Dialoague Sheets? – check out the dialogue sheet pages.

Dialogue sheets are a great self-organizing way for a team to hold a retrospective – no Scrum Master, Coach or facilitator required.

Keyboard typing


Agile insights – countless journal articles and unpublished essays. Including “Dear customer the truth about IT”

Essays and podcasts about OKRs

Patterns: including Encapsulated Context, the Business Patterns, notes on writers workshops and “What do we think of Conway’s Law now?

More about Allan, plus Agile on the Beach and Mimas



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