Designing an Agile Company

Designing the Agile Company

A workshop from XP Day 2008 with Allan Kelly and Giovanni Asproni

Objective of session

Increase our understanding of how Agile can be used outside the software development context by envisaging what a Agile company would look like.


Workshop using Dialogue sheets, 60 minutes


Participants will be divided into groups of 3-6 people. Each group will be given a short description of a business (e.g. package holiday operator, real estate agent, high street clothes retailer) and large (A1) dialogue sheet. The teams will asked to imagine themselves as the leaders of the Agile Company described.

Using the dialogue sheet they will be asked to document the practices and process used by their company to be Agile.

The dialogue sheets produced by the groups may then be displayed as posters for the remainder of the conference to seed wider debate about the topic.


Dialogue sheets