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I am a Software Business Consultant based in London. My focus is on the business side of the software development. To do this often means addressing the technical side, I am fortunate to have a number of very talented associates who help with specific technologies.

I started my career coding (Pascal, C++, C, Java), after a sojourn in Silicon Valley I returned to London and realised I could fix the code problems. The more significant problems were what we were building and how we were building. That led me to an MBA, Patterns, Product Management, Agile and writing two books.

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- The User Series series continues to grow…
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This is my personal site where you can find a little information about my Agile Development Training Courses and Agile Coaching/Agile Consulting. For more details on Agile Training and Agile Consulting/Coaching see my company website, Software Strategy .


Xanpan - the book - read more about Xanpan

Work in progress... Little Book of User Stories - early versions available from LeanPub with free updates

Business Patterns for Software Developers micro-site

Also.... Agile Reader is a mini-book intended for attendees on Software Strategy training courses. It is not in its 3rd edition and is available in printed or e-book formats

Other Writing

And I am the creator of
Retrospective Dialogue Sheets.

My blog allan's blog is here.

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e-mail me at allan@allankelly.net or follow me on Twitter, @allankelly.net.