Xanpan - pronounced “Zan-pan” - is a personal hybrid of Extreme Programming (the X and the P) and Kanban.


The Book

Xanpan is available as a eBook from LeanPub.

Several presentations discussing
Xanpan are also available on SlideShare and a YouTube video introducing Xanpan is also available.

The Review List

For those of you who have offered to review the book I have set up a
reviewers mailing list on Yahoo - I still find Yahoo mailing loss better than the Google groups lists.

More on Xanpan

Most of my previous writing on Xanpan was in the form of blog entries. The main entries are:

The first public presentation of Xanpan was at the BCS Lean Kanban day in March 2013. The presentation is available on SlideShare -
“Xanpan - What do you get if you cross Kanban with XP?”

Other Xanpan related work

I originally intended the book to have a section looking at the nature of Agile and attempting to answer the question “What is Agile?”. I abandoned this work in the belief that while I found it interesting it wasn’t the most important part of the book.

Consider these pieces work in progress:

Still want to know more?

Get in touch,
e-mail me, or call me - contacts details on my company website - Software Strategy.
If you would like to try Xanpan I’d love to help, I have a
2-day Xanpan training course for teams and I often do follow up consulting to assist.