This blog is back

Depending on how you follow my writing you might have noticed this blog burst back into life a couple of weeks ago. And those who are particularly observant might be thinking “Where did he go?” and “Why are these random posts appearing dated months ago?”

In fact, I was off experimenting with Medium for the last six months. To cut a long story short, the experiment didn’t show any great benefits and now looks like a “mistake.” Well, it was a mistake I had to make to understand Medium, if there was a mistake it was not returning here a couple of months ago.

So right now I’m slowly migrating the Medium posts to this blog, hence the back posts you might be seeing – including several about OKRs. (Actually, most of those posts are already included in Succeeding with OKRs in Agile Extra and I should add the others soon.)

I was intending to discontinue Medium completely but Russ Lewis has shown me an easy way to have my blog posts appear on Medium. So, for my next experiment I’ll try that.

Rest assured, things will get back to “normal” here on the blog. Thank you for following.

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