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The alternative to projects

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Managing beyond projects series on YouTube - series is currently being recorded so is as yet incomplete





In January 2014 I to give a presentation to BCS (formerly the British Computer Society) PROMS-G (Project Management Special Interest Group) entitled "The End of Projects and what happens next." This grew into the
#NoProjects hashtag on Twittter.

In addition to myself
Steve Smith and Joshua Arnold have contributed to the thinking behind #NoProjects. The three of us each, largely independently, arrived at the conclusion that the project model, and project thinking, is not good for software development. Interestingly, originally we each had different reasons, over the last two years our reasoning has become entwined and I can no longer tell which idea came from who.

On this page I will attempt to gather the resources that describe NoProjects.

(Since "no" is so negative I did try to change the hashtag name of this topic to #BeyondProjects, while this tag sometimes gets used the #NoProjects tag has stuck so, despite any negative overtones, it is what we have.)