Agile & OKRs – the next book

Last year I had a surprise: the company I was working with introduced OKRs – Objectives and Key Results. I started off very cynical about how effective these were likely to be but …

Not only did I come to like OKRs and the OKR setting process I came to see how they plugged a gap in agile and how they can be powerful for agile teams.

So a few months ago I started writing a book: A little book about Agile with OKRs.

I stalled for a few weeks but I’m working on it again so expect more updates in the coming weeks. Please let me know what you think of the book, and if you are using OKRs I would especially appreciate your thoughts and stories – I might even include them!

(Yes the name is deliberately chosen to build on the success of my “Little Book about Requirements and User Stories”.)

2 thoughts on “Agile & OKRs – the next book”

  1. Hi Allan. If I acquire the book now (I understand it is WIP), will I get access to future updates and the “finalized” version (I’m intentionally using quotes for the term final)?

    1. Yes, absolutely, LeanPub e-mail you every time there is an update and you can download it when you are ready.

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