Continuous Digital & Project Myopia

I sometimes think of Continuous Digital and Project Myopia as “the twins” – although they are quite different, you could read Project Myopia in an afternoon, Continuous might take you a little longer. At one time the two were one book and they collectively form an answe to the “the project problem.” Project Myopia is a critique of the project model while Continuous Digital offers and alternative for our digital world.

Continuous Digital

Taking Agile to the next level – An agile alternative to projects

In the digital world, the business is technology, and technology is the business. Every business is a digital business. This book describes the continuous model, a world in which technology development drives the business and the business drives technology.

Continuous Digital is a new management model for digital business. Agile software development was the first wave of process change for digital business. Now it is time to update management models and thinking.

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Project Myopia

Projects fail. Some say 40% of all IT projects fail, some say 70%. And it has been that way for years.

Each project fails for its own reasons but they all share one thing in common: the Project Model. Could it be the project model itself which creates failure?

Project Myopia presents the case against projects, aka #NoProjects. This is a companion book to Continuous Digital.

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