Lexis Nexis

Coaching product owners and managers while restructuring the development group to create a ground breaking new product.

Lexis-Nexus – a division of RELX corporation – was facing three major challenges: adopting agile in the software development group, creating and launching a new product. All the while walking the customer-specific v. generic product tightrope.

Adding to the challenge was the decision to build the product on a new version of the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Doing agile with an ERP platform always brings extra challenges and in this case the platform was just out of beta testing.

I was brought in as an Agile Guide within a team of Agile coaches working with the CTO, Chief Architect, middle managers and several development teams. My task was specifically to work with the Product Owners – several product managers and business analysts. As part of this work I lead the restructuring of development into integrated value stream focused teams with each team working from customer requests all the way through to deployment.