Nuke your backlog – the podcast & a webinar

In case you missed it, Tom Cagley has released the “SPaMCast” podcast we recorded a couple of weeks ago: Nuke your backlog!

Since recording that I saw Rob England describe similar thinking as “declaring backlog bankruptcy”. Certainly bankruptcy is a more business friendly than “nuke”. And in the weeks since I releases “Honey, I Shrink the backlog” I’ve had several people tell me about their experiences ditching their backlogs.

So, while the disposing of the backlog may be a somewhat radical idea it is not completely new.

If you like the podcast you might want to join a webinar with Adrian Reed next month where we will be discussing the problem with backlogs: Moving Away from Backlog Driven Development: A New Chapter in Agility? – free, registration required.

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  1. What event has recently taken place that the author mentions in the article, and what upcoming event does the author invite the readers to join in order to further discuss the issue of backlogs?

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