New year resolutions & improvement days

Happy new year!

Traditionally new year is the time for making new resolutions. We resolve to change our ways, try new things, give up bad habits and make an effort to do things differently, for the better.

So why not try that in your work? Why not try that with your team?

A few years back I organised a “New Years Resolution” session at the company I was working for. Engineers gathered, we suggested ideas, we talked them through and we resolved as a group to do some new things. The fact that everyone was still fresh from a break and had been hearing about, and perhaps deciding on their own, new year resolutions, gave it an extra boost.

Yes, it was a bit like a retrospective and you could set it up as a retrospective on the past year.

Which leads me nicely on to: Agile Improvement Days – maybe I can help you?

Last year I visited Scandinavia several times to run a series of improvement day workshops for a client. The days were based around a series of well tested exercises, group discussion, reflection and action planning. Most of the days focused on teams but one of the days was specifically for product owners and another for business representatives.

These workshops came to mind when I was reviewing the survey I ran a few weeks ago: over 27% of respondents said their agile initiative “needs a reboot”. (Another 27% said it was early days and 33% said they were “in search of great.”) In thinking about how I could help these teams I realised I had a ready made, tried and tested answer: the improvement days!

As much as we talk about kaizen and continuous improvement it doesn’t always happen. Teams need reminding sometimes. I’ve long been a fan of the lesser know kaikaku – also called a “kaizen-blitz”. Even the best teams can benefit from trying something different. In fact, the best teams probably need something different simply because they have tried everything else.

So, I’m now offering my Agile Improvement Days workshops in their own right. You can have a single one off day, a package of days for multiple teams, different days over several weeks or have the days customised to your own need.

Feel like rebooting your team? Help your team move from good to great? Or deal with a specific issue? Have a look and let me know what you think,

And please, forward this on to anyone who you think might benefit from such days.

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